Luxury properties and upscale estates / flats on the Côte d’Azur, in Provence, or in Monaco. For all those who want to settle there and are looking for a sophisticated second or first home.

We have pooled our experience over the last 20 years and are confident that we can offer you the highest level of quality, efficiency and advisory services. All from a single source, and with an extensive, vetted partner network of the top agencies in the South of France and Monaco.

We have an exceptional offer for BITCOIN investors who would like to invest their crypto assets and are looking for an investment platform to do so. With the profits there in EUR or USD, our clients can move into all other options offered and benefit from the Monegasque tax system in case of relocation.

We help you with…

the search for your dream property in all categories

You tell us what you want and we will search for suitable properties in our extensive partner net-work. Or you have already found what you are looking for on the net and send us the results. Then we check the external circumstances and any problems and give you our feedback on the selection. It is important that you involve us in advance and that we then contact the mandated agency and clarify everything for you whatever is needed. This will not cost you more than the agent’s com-mission agreed with the vendor anyway, as this will then be shared between the agents.

the on-site selection

We arrange appointments with the partner agencies and property owners for you and view the se-lected properties together with you. If we already know more about what you are looking for, we can also research other suitable properties and include them in your on-site visit.

the administrative and notarial settlement

France and Monaco have their own procedures when it comes to real estate, unlike in Germany. We explain all procedures, as well as administrative and legal aspects in detail and prepare them in an understandable way in your native language. We will clear away any pitfalls for you and accompany you on your way to the notarial settlement.

finding partners for financing and tax matters

If you want to buy a property that could have tax implications, we will clarify the situation for you. Often a tax burden can be avoided by obtaining external financing through a bank. We can provide you with experts in all categories on these topics.

the mediation of house care and professional craftsmen

Conversion work needs reliable craftsmen. We can help you obtain quotations and estimates. We can also assist you with the procurement of service personnel.

the mediation of partners for a relocation to Monaco

Relocating to Monaco entails a number of measures that should be taken into account in advance. We help you to set the course and arrange the professional support of specialized consultants.

the investment, multiplication and transformation of your assets, including your Bitcoins

The investment platform offers high returns and takes your USD, EURO, or Bitcoins as collateral. At the end of the programme, these are returned in full. The profit distributions are made in USD or EUR to an account of your choice. All steps are secured through trustees and paymasters who are FED certified and monitored.

We offer you…


We keep what we say. And what we promise, we deliver, as far as it is within our power. And what we propose is well balanced.


All your wishes, intentions, statements and comments, as well as all personal data remain protected and strictly confidential with us. We do not go into advertising with illustrious names for whom we have already worked successfully.


We have experience in handling notable real estate transactions in France and Monaco. We discuss and negotiate in three languages (D,F,E) and know the language area and its cultural customs as well as the legal aspects. For us, professionalism means handling everything in a well-organized and transparent manner for our clients.

Highest quality

We want you to be completely satisfied; with your chosen property and with our work. We want the best for you and our joint project.

Certified business partners on site

Our partner network is extensive and of the highest standard. The big names on the Côte d’Azur are in league with us. We bring in our clients, the partners give us access to all their high quality prop-erties. This offers a much wider choice through our label than if you were to just operate with a sin-gle agency locally, even if it is relatively heavyweight. This does not cost you any additional real estate agent’s fee, as the usual seller’s commission in France is shared between the partners at closing. However, Monaco has a special position in this respect.

Everything from one source

We are your trustworthy business partner throughout the entire process. We handle all essential steps for you or together with you. Even after the purchase, we can offer a contact point for any problems that may arise later. This starts with the search, continues with the inspection of the properties and ends with the notarial purchase contract and continues beyond the closing as a “service après vente”.

Contact us without obligation. We look forward to hearing from you and guarantee confidentiality..