Relocation Package: Monaco

If the Cote d’Azur and a generous tax regime tempt you, we can recommend MONACO. We have the right conditions in place to ensure the smoothest possible transition.

If you wish to become a citizen of Monaco, there are a few important pre-conditions to fulfil. Successful residency offers a lucrative tax regime for individuals and companies, as well as uncom-plicated and attractive inheritance laws. You can find much more at

To apply for residency, you need an account in Monaco and confirmation from the bank there that you meet the minimum financial requirements for an application. Until recently, this requirement is €500,000. However, banks have usually raised the bar even higher to become an account holder there. In any case, you must be of good repute and your money must come from demonstrably clean sources.

With this account or also with funds from other sources, you can then purchase a property in Mona-co. This is seen by the authorities as a clear signal of the seriousness of your request. You can also rent, but for at least one year. Everything should be plausible, because everything really has to be disclosed in the application. For example, if you have 3 children and rent a studio, that is hardly considered plausible to settle there. We are happy to help you with the search and selection of a suitable place to live and accompany you on every step of the way until the notarial closing.

Individual concerns should be discussed with local experts (tax advice, inheritance law, etc.). We are happy to provide addresses from our partner network for this purpose.

Of course, you can also plan and implement the whole package with our investment platform. Then, in the best case, you will have the entire value chain for the purchase of the property and the capital gains tax-free if your application for naturalisation resideny is accepted.