The Investment Package

To be eligible to participate in the investment programme, several criteria must be met, which are described below. The minimum deposit is in the higher 8 to 9-digit range (USD or EUR). Bitcoins are also possible since 2020 (see Bitcoin Package). You can find out more details about this after an initial contact. The deposit is blocked by the investor’s bank on the investor’s behalf, but remains in the investor’s account for the duration of the programme. At the end of the programme, the deposit will be released.

The investment platform is a PRIVATE PLACEMENT PLATFORM and is run by traders who are certified and also supervised by the FED. MTNs, Medium Term Notes or SBLCs (Stand by Letter of Credit) are traded.

The minimum term is 10 months, but can be extended to five years by mutual agreement.

Distributions are made weekly to a newly established investor account at the paymaster. From there, they can be retrieved at any time and transferred to any account.

The individual steps for a successful placement of the investment:

  • Enquiry of the investor to IMMO-EUROPE
  • Sending of the roadmap for the private placement programme
  • If interested, sending of the information and application documents (KYC Know Your Customer)
  • After receipt by the trader and successful completion of due diligence, personal telephone call between investor and trader
  • Upon agreement, sending and signing of the MASTER TRADE AGREEMENT between the trading platform and the investor